How to Triage: Draft posted on wiki

Christopher Beland beland at
Mon Mar 23 18:50:30 UTC 2009

After Adam's comments, I changed the advice for 2-in-1 bugs to point to
the stock reply (which asks reporters to do the split), and updated
that reply to be more polite and informative.

So this leaves the following decisions to make at the meeting:
* "Option 1", "Option 2" or other text for "How to Handle Bugs in
  Multiple Versions" section?
* Should a check for bugs filed in upstream Bugzillas be mandatory?
* Should triagers decide whether a bug should be handled upstream or
  by Fedora, or should this be left to package maintainers?
* Should NEW triagers be asked to do NEEDINFO updates in 30 and 60
  days if needed, or should this be left to triagers following the
  NEEDINFO checklist?
* After these issues are decided, is this draft ready to go live?

Suggested improvements which might be implemented before or after
* Add references to GreaseMonkey buttons in checklist instructions
* Make
  more friendly by not using fixed-width boxes.


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