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Re: Bugzappers meeting re-scheduling: decision required

John5342 wrote:
2009/3/23 TK009 <john brown009 gmail com <mailto:john brown009 gmail com>>

    Adam Williamson wrote:

        the only person who has filled out the matrix but would not be
        at that time is Edward (tk009).
    That time works for me, and if everyone is agreement we should
    move the meeting time. What are we going to do about meeting#1
    already being reserved for that time? Hold them in meeting#2? Gang
    fight the Fedora Package Committee for the time slot? I think we
    can take them!

I think we can take them too.

Shovels and pitchforks at the ready. Take no prisoners. Ready...... Attack!!! :-)

On a more serious note. Is this going to be shifted for tomorrow, moved another week or put up as topic for vote in meeting? (probably the latter makes more sense)

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't...
To little time left to change the time for this weeks meeting. Meeting vote sounds fine to me, and if I can't make it to the meeting, my vote is yes for Tuesday's @ 1700UTC. I think it's fair to say everyone that put their name in the matrix for that day and time says yes as well. That being the case, couldn't we just say starting 30 March 2009 BugZappers meetings will be held at 1700UTC, channel TBA. Anyone that disagrees will have a whole week to let someone know before the change takes effect.


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