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Re: Bugzappers meeting re-scheduling: decision required

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 19:50 -0400, TK009 wrote:

To little time left to change the time for this weeks meeting. Meeting vote sounds fine to me, and if I can't make it to the meeting, my vote is yes for Tuesday's @ 1700UTC. I think it's fair to say everyone that put their name in the matrix for that day and time says yes as well. That being the case, couldn't we just say starting 30 March 2009 BugZappers meetings will be held at 1700UTC, channel TBA. Anyone that disagrees will have a whole week to let someone know before the change takes effect.

We still have to solve the IRC conflict issue. I'm up for just meeting
in the second meeting room. I don't think logging will be a problem,
there's usually at least two people logging each meeting.
I think the minor issue was the people are already in meeting#1 and can keep tabs on the meetings. They will just have to connect to both meeting channels.

About the change

Getting people to speak up isn't easy at times. I know there have been two or three requests for our fellow zappers to give their thoughts on the meeting schedule changes. Beyond the meeting matrix no one has really spoken up.

John5342 is correct, the vote ideally should be done in the meeting to confirm this change. I do however wonder if we will have the meeting attendance numbers to have this vote any time soon. By my count 7 zappers have already voted for Tuesday's 1700UTC So are we moving forward? Asking for a vote here on the list? Or giving the vote in meeting another try? My feeling is the majority have spoken and we move forward. Anyone that disagrees need only respond to this email stating such.


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