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Re: Bugzappers meeting re-scheduling: decision required

2009/3/24 TK009 <john brown009 gmail com>
So are we moving forward? Asking for a vote here on the list? Or giving the vote in meeting another try?
My feeling is the majority have spoken and we move forward. Anyone that disagrees need only respond to this email stating such.

I think the safest way is we ask everybody to reply to this specific thread (that way we dont get any +1/-1 lost) then have a vote in next meeting and include the votes from a specific thread. That will get the best of both worlds having both mailing list responses and meeting. In my opinion though we normally do get enough people in a meeting to make a pretty decent decision.

Of course before we do any final voting we really ought to decide exactly what we are voting for in the first place such as where we have the meeting (#fedora-bugzappers, #fedora-meeting2 or #fedora-meeting after sorting something out with existing conflicts)

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