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Re: Adaptive Technology

Thanks --
Sometimes I think I am getting in over my head trying to learn but I keep pushing on. If I can assist anyone in questions surrounding the requirements for someont with a visuial impairement ie.(screen maginification, teaders, high constract and reverse colors)  feel free to call upon me.
If such leads to the devlopment and intergration of such I feel many will benefit.
CERoss Technologies
Also I am interested in social networking as to learn and use of FEDORIA and similar systems.   

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On 3/26/09, Charles Ross <rossce_tech yahoo com> wrote:
> Has anyone worked with visually impaired individuals and adaptive solutions
> with Fedora? I want to learn this and am near total blindness not sure what
> all is out there in making this OS acessable or how and if the windows
> bassed software will work within this enviroment.  Any insite, ideas or
> assistance would be most helpful.

I haven't but I've wondered idly about this area for a while and have
some bookmarks which I hope will be useful to you.

There used to be a fair number of interesting posts from a "William F.
Acker" on speakup and other related technologies.  See e.g. this link
from mid-2008


Similarly Janina Sajka seems to be involved in accessibility issues
and was involved with Colin Walters in a thread about how to fix GConf
settings so that the interaction between Speakup, orca, GDM and
PulseAudio is managed properly. It sounds like she might be worth
getting in touch with:


A much earlier (Fedora 7) post was reported by Rahul Sundaram in
Fedora Weekly News:


Some (unused) accessibility notes from the Fedora 7 era may or may not
be of use:

Good luck,
Oisin Feeley

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