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Re: Adaptive Technology

On Thursday 26 March 2009 18:19:39 Charles Ross wrote:
> Thanks --
> Sometimes I think I am getting in over my head trying to learn but I keep
> pushing on. If I can assist anyone in questions surrounding
> the requirements for someont with a visuial impairement ie.(screen
> maginification, teaders, high constract and reverse colors)  feel free to
> call upon me. If such leads to the devlopment and intergration of such I
> feel many will benefit. Charlie
> CERoss Technologies
> www.cerosstechnologies.com 
> Also I am interested in social networking as to learn and use of FEDORIA
> and similar systems.   
KDE also has a screen magnifier called kmag.  However, I have no experience of 
using it.

Perhaps you would care to try kmag and kmouth (which uses ktts).  If you have 
questions about their use I could possibly get answers for you.  There is also 
a low-volume dedicated mailing list at kde-accessibility kde org

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