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rawhide 20090326 install feedback


I just tried the following installations with rawhide 20090326 (with

I've got two disks.
I would like to create a raid + LVM setup.

I've been suffering with all the anaconda bugs and it's getting better
as this is the first time I could finish the install process (until
reboot see bellow!) I could even do it without removing my usb card reader.

I still see many problems :

- The system doesn't boot after install (I removed the rhgb quiet from
grub and it just stop until I have to ctrl-alt-suppr without any clear
error message...)

By the way, the install process was stuck for 5 minutes in the final
screen before package installation.
A top on another console show anaconda taking all the cpu.
After these 5 minutes, a popup saying please wait appear...

I retried the installation and :
- anaconda doesn't keep the md and lvm setup (raid is completely gone,
setup shown is weird.)  on a console cat /proc/mdstat is empty. log
seems to show md starting and stopping (my guess is that everything
starts ok, the install process mount the partition and unmount +
unfortunately stop the raid ...)

I did a simple partitioning : /boot + / + swap on only one disk
this time, installation complete and I could boot.

Is the problem with installation with LVM + raid known ?
does it work for somebody ?
should I open more bugs ???


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