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Re: sort in updates comments

John5342 wrote:

Have you tried including the package version in the search. If you
have installed the package to test it then you should know the version
anyway or use "rpm -qi packagename" (easiest is to copy all the Source
RPM section excluding the ".src.rpm"). kernel-
will single out the exact update. Shorter sections of the version (eg
kernel-2.6.27) will list all updates with that version.

Hope that helps

Your suggestion works, but I just thought if it was a simple code change (lists of lists in python can be sorted on the first member just by appending a .sort() to the list name, slightly more complicated for others) it would make it easier for testers to comment without the trouble of finding the exact package name if it didn't have a huge cost.

I'll use your workaround, or a search for date in the results that seems to work pretty well also.


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