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Re: What I can do?

Greetings and welcome to the list!  

Unfortunately the testing.108 project did not take off as originally
intended.  There is a new effort underway now that builds on some of the
lessons learned called the Beaker project.  While *very* early in
development, you might can learn more and how to participate at

We haven't yet determined how best to migrate (and delist) testing.108
content into the beaker wiki.  That is still an area that needs active


On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 17:04 +0800, holmes86 wrote:
> hi,everyone
>    I want join in fedora-qa,but I don't know what I can do. I
> installed rhts-deve,rhts-test-repo,rhts-test-env and rhts-python
> packages.as well,I don't how to used them,I read the documentation of
> following link:
> https://wiki.108.redhat.com/wiki/index.php/Testing/Rhts/Docs/TestWriting#rhts-create-new-test
> but I don't know how to used scripts of following:
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/coverageTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/infrastructureTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/journalTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/library.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/loggingTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/rhtslibTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/rpmsTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/runtests.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/shunit2
> /usr/share/rhts-library/test/testingTest.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/testing.sh
> /usr/share/rhts-library/virtualX.sh
> who can help me? thanks very much
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