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Re: Convert ext3 to ext4

Joshua C. wrote:
2009/3/30 Matej Cepl <mcepl redhat com>:
On 2009-03-30, 01:31 GMT, Mario Chacon wrote:
How can I do it with the / partition? It's mounted and with
a mounted unit I
get this warning:
WARNING!!!  Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause
SEVERE filesystem damage.
Is it possible to make it with the live cd alpha?
Use the installation CD/DVD/LiveCD/etc. and boot into Rescue
mode. Then you have your system with your
root-fs-when-really-booted being something else than /. Do
changes there, and reboot. Check four times that /etc/fstab is


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One stupid question:

Is ext4 "production-ready"? I know it was declared stable in 2.6.28
but I still see more ext4 patches than ext3 in the kernel. Maybe it's
just because ext4 is newer? Is ext4 ready to fully replace ext3
without any data losses? What about mission-critical machines or
should we wait untill 2.6.31 just to be sure?

When I installed F10, I installed ext4 on my data drives. I have moved back to ext3 after reading reports of data loss with ext4.



It has to do with the write delays and the way the data is written to the disk. I didn't want to risk it.

Robin Laing

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