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Re: BugZappers New Member SOP

Christopher Beland wrote:

If this is ready for prime time, [[BugZappers/sop]] should be linked
from the main BugZappers page, and [[BugZappers/sop_new_member]] from
Do you want to create the needed links or should I?

If you ask me, BugZappers/sop_new_member is incredibly formal.
It is an SOP not a penpal, however, Adam also felt it needed a friendlier tone. I am not an overly friendly type, so if you or Adam want to fix that up, thank you in advance.
  It takes
6 separate sections to get around to saying what could be said in a
sentence or two.  With all that the instructions are rather vague - what
does "introduction" mean if it doesn't involve personal details?
It means "TK009 - join bugzappers" is enough personal information, even if not up to everyone's personal introduction standards.

We agreed in the meetings to the requirement for the email from new members. We have no requirement regarding the content of that email, at least not that I recall. We agreed on vague I thought.
to examples of previous intros would be instructive.
I don't think examples are necessary.


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