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Re: 2009-05-14 - Fedora Test Day - IBus input method

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 12:05:56AM -0400, Jens Petersen wrote:
> ----- "Matej Cepl" <mcepl redhat com> wrote:

> As far as possible we want ibus to work for all users.
> So if it is breaking stuff we would really like to know about it. :)

As I said, it might have broken scim with OO, (at least on Rawhide, and
on F10, I had to remove it for scim to work with OO) but now that I have
it working on everything, that doesn't bother me.  :)  (I'm selfish that

As I said, I won't be around to participate, but I can now say it works
for me (and I threw some other things on a VM to test for a friend as
well) with:

(Both in Gnome environment--that was the test on the VM for the friend)

With openbox as window manager


These are pretty much the only apps where I use Japanese. 

A VERY subjective impression, it does seem a bit nicer than scim.  
On the other hand, that might simply be the happy glow now that I have
it working with urxvt, which is really the most important one for me, as
I'm most likely to use Japanese with mutt.

Scott Robbins
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