Annaconda or Video Problems F12 Beta 2

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Mon Nov 2 05:06:53 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-11-01 at 20:06 -0800, Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> System locks up at the session to select disk partitioning.  My video
> card is a ATI hd3450 or ATI hd3850 -- Radeon.  Selecting Vesa during
> the installation resolves the problem
> It would be nice to allow me to select the screen resolution during
> the installation. My monitor is able to go to 1600x--, and with this
> monitor resolution, the lettering is very small.  It would be nice if
> the installation targeted1024x878.  Post installation, I should chose
> the optimal resolution for my eyes.

Please post in plain text to this list, replying to posts written in
HTML is painful.

You're almost certainly hitting , as far as problem
#1 goes - your 'lspci' output would let me confirm for sure.

Second issue - manual selection of resolution is pretty much a broken
concept with modern systems, as LCD screens have native resolutions and
should always run at these resolutions for optimal appearance. Manual
resolution selection makes somewhat more sense with CRTs, but these are
going the way of the dinosaur so it doesn't make much sense to design
the installer around them. If you have an LCD screen the most correct
thing to do if text is too small for your liking is a) make sure the DPI
setting is correct (in the advanced part of font configuration in the
Appearance preferences applet) and if that's not enough, b) just
increase your font size settings. Running an LCD at a resolution lower
than its native one is not a sensible thing to do, it substantially
reduces the quality of the display.

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