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Karel Volný kvolny at redhat.com
Wed Nov 4 12:47:57 UTC 2009

On Monday 02 of November 2009 14:54:08 David wrote:
> You, sir, are advocating one of the major 'stupid Windows
>  users' arguments for Linux. Run as root.

um, I still do not get it - why do you keep talking about 
Windows? ... it is Fedora here

and you *need* to use root to achieve some things, like editing 
configfiles or so

so, what is wrong about using Konqueror as root?

is, for example, Midnight commander any better? - or typing "cd 
something; ls; cd something; ls ..." in bash?

is it just because you hate Konqueror, or you hate GUI in 

no one ever on this thread was talking about "doing everything as 
root" which seems to be the thing you argue against

> The point is, I believe, that to disable root is considered a
>  good thing.

"is considered"? - no, *you* and a few others consider ... but 
there is also a number of people that disagree - do not promote 
your personal opinion to the ultimate truth(tm)

you want to babysit the others

I want the freedom

>  Those that disagree with that thought and wish to
>  open their system that way are free to do so.

no, they are not free - they have to overcome the obstacles put 
by the other group

>  Those that do
>  not know *how* to do that probably should *not* do that.
> Makes sense to me.

to me, it does not - I really do not understand why should I 
study tons of TFM just to learn how to allow me to edit a 
configfile or whatever


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