Birger Wathne birger at birger.sh
Thu Nov 5 11:04:30 UTC 2009

This workstation was supposed to be for continuous reinstalls of f12 while I
continued running f11 on my production desktop. It was supposed to just be a
testbed to see what was new and how stable I could get it. But most of all I
wanted to test installations from live media, from DVD image and with
kickstart files.

This has all come to a halt. Why? I don't really know, but there is
something about this release that just feels so good I don't want to work
from my f11 system any more. Everything just flows better on the test
system. So I don't want to reinstall my test system because then I have to
work on my production system for a while. And I don't quite dare upgrading
my production desktop just yet, as you never know when rawhide hits you.


There are issues, of course. Keyboard mapping in tsclient/rdesktop,
evolution-mapi being terribly unstable (but always getting better), having
to compile pidgin-sipe myself (when will someone do the review of the
package sitting in bugzilla?)... But this is really starting to make sense
as an office desktop.

I'll kick myself off this system again and reinstall it. Soon. I promise :-)

In the meantime kudos to everyone making fedora an impossibly stable
bleeding-edge distro.


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