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Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 02:28:25 UTC 2009

Thank you to everyone on the rel-eng and QA teams for working so hard
on this release.  It's a cliche to say, "This needs to be the best
Fedora release ever," so I won't say it. :-)  However, I do think that
we have the opportunity to turn out a really fantastic Fedora 12.
Early reviews have been very good, a lot of interest is churning up,
and FWIW I think the distro looks terrific everywhere I've tried it.

I did want to hypothesize about the unlikely case where people in
rel-eng and QA were to come to me and say, "We have the following set
of concerns, and we're confident we could knock them out, but someone
needs to make a call because we're conflicted about a slip."  In that
case I have to admit I'd probably decide in favor of a strong release.
I know that violates the precept of being time-based.  I also wanted
to be honest about the importance of this release as a starting point
for the things we want to unleash in Fedora 13 and beyond.

However, my feelings are just that and this should be a call made by
consensus between the teams responsible for the work of making Fedora
ready for release.  Thanks again, everyone, and godspeed!

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