James Hubbard jameshubbard at
Sun Nov 8 14:28:52 UTC 2009

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 9:11 AM, Scott Robbins <scottro at> wrote:
> I'm wondering how others are finding ath9k.  I'm finding in 2.6.31
> kernels that it will constantly drop connections. I see various and
> sundy bugs on both bugzilla and the kernel's bugzilla.
> Have others also been finding it to not work very well?
> (This is on an Asus 1000HE, with an Atheros 928x)

The AR9285 (as reported by lspci) in the Gateway LT31 has been acting
better.  It still drops connections, but will reconnect.  It's about
half as fast when transferring files as the Intel wireless b/g card in
a 3 year old laptop.  I've noticed that I can turn off the wireless
with the switch but most of the time I can't turn it back on.

Enough people are having problems with the AR9285 that I usually get a
one or two hits/day on my blog where I detail my problems.  I had been
using Ubuntu on the LT31 but had enough issues that when the F12
support got better I switched back.

James Hubbard

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