[Test-Announce] Fedora12 RC install test Nov4-Nov11

shmuel siegel fedora at shmuelhome.mine.nu
Sun Nov 8 21:43:03 UTC 2009

James Laska wrote:
> Oops, that might be a copy'n'paste error on my part when cleaning up
> that case a while back.
> I've updated the test case to use Template:QA/Test_Case. I've also
> adjusted the instructions.  Can someone help review the changes?
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TestCases/InstallSourceFtpAnonymous
> Thanks for catching,
> James
I would like to see a few changes to the page.

1) Currently it says "you must also direct the installer to use an FTP 
installation source by adding the |askmethod| boot argument. "
But askmethod doesn't direct the installer to use the FTP source. 
Instead, indicate the askmethod will allow the user to choose a URL install.
2) Please indicate how the tester can verify that anaconda used the 
requested install.img and package repository

As a side note, anaconda from rc1 crashed in yumRepo.py line 828 because 
of nomoremirrorsrepoerror. It should probably catch the condition and 
allow to try again.

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