no more wireless in f12?

cornel panceac cpanceac at
Tue Nov 10 06:19:11 UTC 2009

due to this bug

my pcmcia card is not working in fedora 12 (while working in ubuntu, simply
mepis and sidux). however, it worked with ndiswrapper until i installed

now, kernel no longer sees the wireless card. dmesg shows no wlan. if i
remove the ndiswrapper file form /etc/modprobe.d (and maybe if i comment out
the ndiswrapper line in modprobe.conf and blacklist ndiswrapper), the kernel
detects the wlan card but can not connect to the wap. is there any method on
getting wireless back with this pcmcia card on -127?

(Ralink RT2500)

it still works if i reboot in

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