Testing new headset and cameras

Birger Wathne birger at birger.sh
Tue Nov 10 13:56:20 UTC 2009

Sitat David Timms <dtimms at iinet.net.au>:

> I am assuming that pluggable usb devices get uploaded by smolt.
> Just do a smoltSendProfile, then take note of the admin link it returns,
> login to the smolts web site, and for each device that works change the 
> icon to be "just works", or works with config etc.
> Normal users will only be able to see the devices and their "working" 
> status, not change it, and no info links back to your name, ip etc.
> It is much easier to find such info by browsing smolt than being 
> randomly signed up to various mailing list to find out such info ;-)


Whenever I try to change the settings for the USB video and audio devices
they just revert to ?


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