Testing new headset and cameras

Birger Wathne birger at birger.sh
Tue Nov 10 18:38:26 UTC 2009

Sitat Adam Williamson <awilliam at redhat.com>:

> Mute buttons on headsets are generally implemented in hardware, not
> software, so you see no change on the system itself when you hit them -
> at least all the ones I've seen have been this way. They mute *input*,
> not playback; the idea is that if you're on a conference call or
> something, you can hit the mute button and incidental noises on your end
> (like typing) won't be heard by the others. So likely hitting the button
> will not shut off playback, but will shut off input.

I'll test in on windows first then to see if the driver can detect the mute
button and give some feedback. As I said in another post I have a feeling
something odd happens with multiple mics on the system. I'll investigate
further to see if I can find a logical explanation. When I did a quick test
it seemed like all mics were operative no matter which one I selected. That
could explain why the mute button didn't seem to work. :-)


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