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> Hi all,
> Is Fedora Unity still providing re-spins?
> (the last is F10 from April)
> Is revisor the only option for now?
> Thank you and sorry if off topic
> C. Sava

This is the wrong list but I will answer. and test-team at are the correct places.

Fedora Unity is still working to issue Re-Spins of Fedora releases, however we do not release Re-Spins that knowingly introduce more bugs than a gold release. A number of issues have prevented a Re-Spin for quite some time, I will not go in to all the technical bugs, there is also an issue of man power. We should have an F11 Re-Spin soon. F10 is Dead, with it going EOL in 5 weeks or so it does not fit our mission of helping people run supported releases.

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