IPv6 and yum

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 07:41:48 UTC 2009

Allen Kistler <an037-ooai8 at yahoo.com> writes:
> If the handshake is completing, then it's probably an MTU issue.

That is one of the things I was afraid of.  I'm also connected to the
ipv6 net by a tunnel so I'm losing a few bytes of MTU to that.

> 1. Make sure you're not the one blocking ICMP.  

Nope.  I normally spend time convincing others to stop blocking icmp (or
if they must) to only block icmp-echo-request if their religion demands

> If your IPv6 is through
>    a tunnel, it could be a tunnel broker that's dropping ICMP.  In
>    which case, there's option #2.

I hope not.  I do have access to a machine on a different tunnel to this
broker, so I should be able to test end-to-end ICMP for that.

> 2. You can try MSS clamping on your outbound packets.  MSS clamping sets
>    an option in your outbound TCP packets to tell the other side to use
>    smaller packets.  MSS clamping is an ugly, ugly protocol hack, but
>    sometimes it's necessary.

I may have to do that.  Thanks for the idea.  I didn't realize there was
an iptables plugin for that.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

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