Fedora12 RC install test Nov4-Nov11-- test report

Liam lili at redhat.com
Wed Nov 11 11:20:56 UTC 2009


     From Nov4-Nov11,we did the install test of f12 RC.Almost all test 
cases have been executed except several cases which related to special 
hardware.Many thanks to those who participated in and shared their 
findings with us.We received lots of feedback in test matrix,mailing 
list and irc during testing ,including test results,encountered 
issues,improvement of cases,etc.. Also,thanks to release engineering 
team,for their quick-action to all compose for us.During this testing,we 
found lots of issues in upgrade,if you are testing upgrade,welcome to 
give us feedback.More details of test results ,please see [1],TC 
Install, RC1 Install,RC3 Install,RC4 Install.

The following bugs are reported in test matrix:
517491   CLOSED RAWHIDE    Anaconda fails if filesystem should be shrunk
533108   CLOSED RAWHIDE    Unable to switch back and forth between ttys 
during install
525615   NEW               system can not automatically reboot after 
exit installer -f12 beta TC
533420   CLOSED RAWHIDE    broken dep: 
gnome-python2-gdl-2.25.3-12.fc12.i686 requires libgdl-1.so.2
523610   ASSIGNED          error occured during shrink install
533350   NEW               Can't shrink encrypted partition
533392   ASSIGNED          dracut-network not included in F-12-RC1 DVD 
533108   CLOSED RAWHIDE    Unable to switch back and forth between ttys 
during install
524775   NEW               LVMError: lvactivate failed for lv_root
536705   NEW               F-11/ppc -> F-12-RC4-ppc upgrade does not 
offer bootloader upgrade choice
530541   NEW               Free space check on /boot not thorough enough
531581   CLOSED RAWHIDE    Encrypted autopart install on IBM Power5 ppc 
fails to find root device on boot
536739     	 NEW       anaconda of preupgrade can not start after reboot 
on ppc
534050    NEW              Black display after preupgrade failed

* [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fedora_12_Test_Results


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