As of F12 RC3 my printer model is still not shown

cornel panceac cpanceac at
Wed Nov 11 11:29:09 UTC 2009

> I realise that the way this ought to work is for the correct package to
> get installed via PackageKit by system-config-printer when it sees which
> hardware is connected, and I am working on getting that feature ready
> for Fedora 13:

this would be great for any hardware, not just printers.

> In the mean time, though, perhaps I ought to issue a
> system-config-printer update for Fedora 12 to add "Requires:
> foomatic-db-ppds" to the system-config-printer package.  Unfortunately
> foomatic-db-ppds is 15Mb. :-(
> Thoughts?
> Tim.
> */

maybe is good to have this on "f12 common bugs" page together with a

yum install foomatic


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