what should plymouth be going?

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Thu Nov 12 22:27:15 UTC 2009

On Thursday 12 November 2009 17:09:04 Ray Strode wrote:
> On 11/12/2009 04:35 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> > I have F12-rc4 installed on both baremetal and as qemu-kvm guests.
> >
> > During bootup on the baremetal systems, I get a gui with a large
> > light-blue screen and a "balloon" which slowly fills and the turns into a
> > stylized "f" before displaying thr GDM login screen.
> >
> > During bootup on the qemu-kvm guests, I get a blue/white bar working its
> > way across the bottom of the screen until it turns into the gdm login
> > screen.
> >
> > On shutdown for the qemu-kvm guests, I get a black screen with white text
> > in the center saying "shutdown in progress" or words to that effect.
> >
> > On shutdown on the baremetal systems, I get a black scrren with a cursor
> > in the upper left corner.
> >
> > At one point during the F12 development process, I did get a shutdown
> > screen on at least one baremetal system which looked a bit like the
> > bootup screen.
> >
> > What should I be seeing?  Is there a bug here?
> You should be seing what you are seeing in the kvm guest, but on the
> bare metal system you should
> see a graphical shutdown splash.  It's broken right now though.  Not
> sure why yet, I need to debug it.

OK, so I am seeing what I should be seeing given that graphical shutdown is 
broken right now.  Can you cite a BZ report so I can track this?

As far as I am concerned, this is not a make-or-break problem but it does need 
to get fixed because it will please some users (sometimes image does count).


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