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Fri Nov 13 19:53:38 UTC 2009

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 12:47:27PM -0700, West, Gary-P55389 wrote:
> Hi
> I'm would like to join at Fedora Bug Zappers Team. I have worked with
> with Fedora since release 5 and Red Hat Linux since release 4.
> I would like to contribute to the project.
> I have over 20 years as a software engineer (many languages) and have
> worked in many areas. I am currently working in the information
> assurance area.
> So to introduce myself.
> My name is Gary West, I am way over 30 and live in the Phoenix Arizona
> metro area.
> I first used computers in high school (card punch).
> Thanks a lot for accepting me in the Fedora Project.
> Thanks,
> Gary

Hello Gary, welcome to the group! I will approve your group membership in a
second.Here is a list of components which we'd like BugZappers to work on as a priority, 
so there's lots available. 
The list is:

we'd recommend you pick a component from that list that you feel
comfortable working on, then contact its maintainer to say you'll be
working on triaging it, and ask if they have any tips or special
requests. Then read:

To see how the process works (I know that looks like a lot of pages, but
several of them are pretty short, and they all work together). Please do
join #fedora-bugzappers and ask if you have any questions or problems,
there's usually another team member around who can help you out. Thanks
a lot for volunteering your time! Do come out to the next meeting -
they're Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC - if you have the time, and we can welcome
you there.

Edward (IRC: tk009)

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