Help! I can't unsuspend from disk.

Petrus de Calguarium kwhiskerz at
Sun Nov 15 07:21:08 UTC 2009

Petrus de Calguarium wrote:

> a black and white version of the grub menu 
> appears, but not one using grub.conf. It does not 
> any options at all and does not recognize any 
> partitions or kernels. It is impossible to boot the 
> computer into any installed operating system from 
> partition.

That was somewhat wrong. When manually typing the 
kernel and initrd lines, I forgot I needed /boot/. 
Then, I learned that I had to put noresume on the 
kernel boot line and I was finally able to boot, after 
wasting at least 4 hours :-((

Despite being able to boot again, another problem 
remains with grub: instead of grub showing up in 
colour and displaying all of the boot options (after 
pressing ESC), it immediately appears in white text on 
a black background. There is an odd line that reads 
something like 'unable to read something or other 
because it is beyond what the BIOS can access' and 
there is an error code, 18 followed by what must be a 
heart symbol and a fourth symbol, followed by the grub 

I never had this grub problem before trying to use 
suspend to disk and it persists despite having 
reinstalled grub to the mbr of the disk twice.

As a result, every time I now start the system, I have 
to manually type in the whole kernel boot line, and 
since plymouth, this is quite a long list of options. 
I tried without, but the system then hangs and there 
is a message something like 'kernel panic hangs 
permanently' or something to that effect.

What did suspend to disk do to grub and how can I get 
it all back to normal?

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