Does firefox upgrades need some pre/post install love to close and restart firefox during upgrades

David dgboles at
Sun Nov 15 20:22:14 UTC 2009

On 11/15/2009 2:24 PM, Adam Pribyl wrote:
> I also have troubles with this. The worst thing is that firefox often
> after such update dies, without saving the tabs etc. as it does when it
> is killed. And because it dies after update anyway, I would just suggest
> to put a "killall firefox" in PREIN script. Because this will trigger
> the firefox saving mechanism and would not cause a data loss.
> Regarding arguments - you should know as you are updating - this is not
> true, if you are using e.g. updatesd and set it to update automaticaly.
> Adam Pribyl

No one in their right mind would ever have Rawhide set to *update*
automatically. Ever. Notify? Sure. Update without 'me' taking a look
first? *Never!*

There are *daily* Rawhide reports on the Fedora Development list that
you can read that will tell you what is 'broken' and what has dependency
problems on that day. And this breakage happens often. Very often.
Somethings are 'fixed' by the next day. Sometimes it takes longer.

Why would you want to read this daily report? Well maybe something that
is really important for you will be broken, or cause a problem for a day
or so, and by *not* updating just then you can avoid that.

And anyone that has any idea of just how this 'testing' and even regular
program updating actually works would not expect to be able to update
running applications and have them continue to work without problems of
some sort. The executables change. The support libaries change. The
compiler that was used could have changed. You name it.

Now a word of caution.

*If* you are going to continue with this 'testing' and switch your
Fedora 12 to continue to follow Rawhide be prepared for a surprise. The
very beginning of a Rawhide cycle, the release of the work even now in
progress, can and usually does seriously 'breaks' your OS install for
days.  :-)


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