2009-11-16 @ 16:00 UTC - Fedora QA Meeting Agenda

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Nov 16 13:55:17 UTC 2009

# Fedora Quality Assurance Meeting
# Date: 2009-11-16
# Time: 16:00 UTC (11:00 EDT)
# Location: #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net 

Greetings folks!

Again, I'm double booked for our regularly scheduled meeting today.
I've drafted the agenda below.  We'll keep things light today, with an
update on the AutoQA, and finishing up some loose ends on the Fedora 12
QA front.  Updates or corrections to the proposed agenda encouraged :)

        1. Previous meeting follow-up
        2. Fedora 12, almost there ...
              * Cleaning F12Blocker list
              * Common_F12_Bugs update
              * QA Retrospective heads up
        3. AutoQA Update
              * wwoods
              * kparal
              * Misc
        4. Open Discussion - <your topic here>
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