Impression and question on Fedora 12

Sino szj087 at
Tue Nov 17 01:19:36 UTC 2009

 all guys involved in the Fedora developemnt, thanks very much
 for your excellent work. I have use linux from redhat 5.1 and
 enjoyed its advancement in every release.
 Although F12 will be released on Nov 17 UTC, I have installed it with
its RC.4 without the patience of long wait :)
 To tell the truth, F12 is a great distribution for ever. something
needs to note.

 1. its update process is more efficient than previous because of delta update
 2. the open source NVIDIA driver fixed the long boring problem on my
PC, my video card is NVIDIA GS7600GS,
    the X window always left a black slide on the left side, in other
words, the whole desktop shift about 5 mm
    to the right. I always use the NVIDIA official driver to fix that problem.
 3. The KMS speeds the lanuch of X Window and heavy application like openoffice.
 4. a lots of others thing.

 But with the new nvidia driver installed, the 3D function can't work
now. I can't install the nvidia official
 driver now. I think that may be caused by the failure of removing the
nv module. I have checked the wiki on the
 freedesktop which gives the suggestion how to remove the open source
nvidia driver. my question is:

 1. How can I prevent the open source nv driver being loaded during
the system start?
 2. Can I restore the original state which uses the open source nv
driver after I uninstall the nvidia official driver? (don't tell me to
ask nvidia :)

 Anyway thanks all your guys


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