Does firefox upgrades need some pre/post install love to close and restart firefox during upgrades

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Tue Nov 17 03:12:51 UTC 2009

On 11/16/2009 09:31 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 00:31 -0500, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> This is not what happens to me. What happens to me is that Firefox
> continues to run but the search box doesn't work any more.
> Perhaps people should recognize that everyone experiences slightly
> different behaviour in this particular scenario, 

  For what its worth, most of the time a firefox update requires me to
kill and restart it. Sometimes it wont let you type, sometimes it just
wont respond or other odd things happen.

  Now even tho' I'd imagine the install process moves aside or unlinks
any executable before putting the new one in its place like any sensible
installer which is burdened with only 1 version, I suspect firefox may
rely on dynamic libraries (nss ?) and somehow reloads something which
causes a problem. Of course if the original binary is not unlinked ..
well then duh.

  Anyway, its a rule of thumb around here - firefox update - kill /
restart it.


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