Fedora 12 updates-testing report

Rodd Clarkson rodd at clarkson.id.au
Tue Nov 17 06:16:17 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 07:38 +0000, updates at fedoraproject.org wrote:
> The following builds have been pushed to Fedora 12 updates-testing

>     xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.3.0-3.15.20091112git.fc12

> Details about builds:

> ================================================================================
>  xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.3.0-3.15.20091112git.fc12 (FEDORA-2009-11518)
>  Xorg X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Update Information:
> Fixes backlight issue, and other things.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ChangeLog:
> * Thu Nov 12 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun at n-dimensional.de> - 1.3.0-3.15.20091112git
> - Skipping the 1.3.0 release due to a838114e and probably other fixes.
> - New snapshot (upstream commit 6387ab4c1d0ff71e556b1c96f21b4e765a6c8e5a):
>   - 6387ab4c: PM: Validate known good configurations as well.
>   - d6b47183: Correct copyright information.
>   - d0b936db: Change wording for amount of mapped memory.
>   - 5a01ea3d: DMS59: Marking 0x7183, 0x1002, 0x0D02 as such.
>   - 6a2c0f04: AtomBIOS/PM: Add size checks to Voltage Info parser.
>   - 2949564e: AtomBIOS/PM: Detect wrong size value in VoltageObj table.
>   - fb1f84dd: DRI: Get number of pipes from DRM if possible.
>   - 40fa33f0: 2D/3D: Fix Lockups on R5XX when running DRI clients with EXA/Textured Video.
>   - f3df2394: Accel: Insert proper waits for 2D/3D engine idles when switching between the two contexts.
>   - af5f1e1a: I2C: Fix I2C readout.
>   - a76cee0a: Scaler: Add support to send TV mode the HW scaler.
>   - 737f2591: Backlight: Some cosmetics to ACPI backlight support.
>   - 209505b3: Backlight: ACPI backlight support for FreeBSD
>   - 5cd4cca8: Monitor/Panel: Move mode line sanitization code.
>   - 5092f153: Mode: Be more verbose on reporting mode rejections.
>   - cee33c18: DIG: Improve code readability by using names for bits.
>   - 8b89b94d: Add Fallback DAC Load Detection Method for chips >= RV620.
>   - 7f896dee: Print out value of MC status register if it is busy when tested.
>   - a838114e: Fix backlight readout thru AtomBIOS.
>   - eef20d73: rs880: fix gart type
>   - bfb6e137: configure: Remove check for GL/gl.h
>   - 34d975db: Fix compilation with xf86_ansic.h
>   - 42a81085: pm: Recalculate I2C clock on engine clock setting.
>   - 8cbff7bf: Bump to 1.3.0. Update README.
>   - bd2145d8: pm: Comment out currently unused variable.
>   - 5c437ecd: README.coding: Add rhd_acpi.[ch] and atombios_rev.h
>   - 0c8cc053: i2c: Hardware may need a while to indicate availability to the host
>   - 57b97e0f: pm: Improve wording of lowPowerModeEngineClock logging.
>   - a1cd56dd: pm: Ignore validation when setting negative engine/mem frequencies.
>   - 5d5d8e3d: pm: Use minimum known working frequency instead of default/2.
>   - 0a94f8eb: pm: Do NOT set idle engine clocks to default/2 unless ForceLowPowerMode is used.
>   - eebdbf0a: Improve DAC load detection on RS780.
>   - 422ac06b: Silence audio stream option.
>   - 3cef2a65: Improve test for disabled differential clock driver.
>   - 392a1392: Properites: Get HW for Backlight setting on every query.
>   - f695445b: LUT: Fix syntax error in 59085c4a
>   - 59085c4a: LUT: Fix RHDLUTCopyForRR() not actually modifying LUT
>   - 8b3561d2: ID: Added quirk entry for HIS Excalibur Radeon XT1650 Pro IceQ 256M
>   - 0a79a28c: PM: Removed unnneeded define.
>   - 4758ba31: Add ACPI controlled Backlight support for Linux.
>   - be7216fc: randr: Select virtual large enough for typical dual-monitor situations
>   - b9648ff4: RV740: Choose shadowfb by default.
>   - eb1fc6c0: Fix missing parenthesis.
>   - 136dbca7: Disable DRI by default if shadowfb is explicitly selected.
>   - 209aa4c7: RV740: disable DFS and Composite
>   - 21f033c1: Add quirk table entry for Wyse R-Class.
>   - ee508b37: Hide README, radeon.man non-updates if --enable-shave
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hmmm, I tried this build and it doesn't work for me.

It seems to want to, but I just see lines down the screen and a large
square enmeshed in the screen where the cursor should be.

Yes, I know I shouldn't be using radeonhd and that radeon is the 'one
true driver' but radeonhd has had some interesting power management
added to it and as a laptop user I'm keen to see if they extend my
(slowly) improving battery life and I'm also aware the pm in radeon
isn't great (or might be missing all together).

So, this shouldn't be rolled out as far as I'm concerned, but how do I
say so?


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