kernel-2.6.32-0.48.rc7.git1.fc13.x86_64 installation problem

john rosich jrosich at
Tue Nov 17 15:45:12 UTC 2009

The kernel fails to install when running rpm -ivh
Error message is
2: kernel
E: failed to install /usr/lib/python 2.6/site packages/bitfrost/
mkinitrd failed
warning:%post(kernel-2.6.32-0.48.rc7.git1.fc13.x86_64) scriptlet failed,
exit status 1

In the process, all kernel entries in grub were removed: Only Windows XP was

This is an update to a Fedora 12 system: all other "fc.13" changes (from
rawhide) were accepted and worked. (Kernel was the last to be installed ---
resulting the above error.)

rpm -qa shows two kernels (the above kernel & fc12 --  latest version) as
being installed.

What needs to be done to make the system functional?


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