f11 to f12 with preugrade doesn't find root device

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 16:16:59 UTC 2009

At the end I  re-set /etc/redhat-release to F11 and restarted the
upgrade grub line and  the upgrade proceeded and system rebooted...
but now I have a stop with dracut that seems not able to see my LVM
based root.....
I try to start with "rdinitdebug rdshell" command line parameters,
then manually mount my /boot partition and save over there init.log
and output of dmesg

Relevant first error message at boot is
dracut: /var/log/lvm2.log: fopen failed: No such file or directory

from rdshell I'm able to mount /boot but I get error trying LVM commands.
For example.
lvm pvdisplay
File descriptor 9 (/.console_lock) leaked on lvm invocation. parent
PID 751: sh /var/log/lvm2.log: fopen failed: No such file or directory

so I manually create /var/log/lvm2.log with

cat > /var/log/lvm2.log


and then the command

lvm pvdisplay works.... (with the file descriptor message and that it
is ffalling back to local file-based locking)

so now I can activate my volume group and mount my root file system

I think after all this pain, that all the problem is in /var/log
directory missing from initramfs embedded tree
So I need to recreate initramfs file with /var/log directory.....

I'm able to make this with mkinitrd but not with dracut......
any hints?
I think I'm going to bugzilla against dracut anyway..... because
probably the ones that upgrade with an LVM root will encounter the
same scenario... correct?


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