SHA1 and 256 (again) :)

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Thu Nov 19 03:23:55 UTC 2009

Adam Williamson wrote:
> To be clear, I think the documentation page that Scott linked talks
> about SHA-1 not because someone misread the checksum file but simply
> because it's _old_. It was written at a time when the checksums
> actually where SHA-1. Note the reference to Fedora 7.

Indeed.  I filed a bug on this when Fedora 11 came out and it didn't
get updated.  After various discussion and some excellent help from
Richard Jones, we have a pretty reasonable way to build a sha25sum.exe
that we can distribute from and feel more
comfortable recommending to Windows users.

Unfortunately, this didn't happen in time for Fedora 12.  But seeing
that it's been broken since Fedora 11, another week or two shouldn't
kill us. :)

> I think the above page needs to be updated to refer to SHA-256
> checksums. Also, both it and might
> benefit from explicitly mentioning the potential confusion between the
> signature algorithm and the checksum algorithm, until F13 is current.

I'm torn on whether we should call out this issue on fp.o/verify.  The
page does clearly indicate the command to be used.  I fear that adding
something like:

    NOTE: Please don't confuse the 'Hash:' line in the *CHECKSUM file,
    (which is part of the PGP signature) with the type of hash
    algorithm used to verify the .iso files

might only server to add confusion to those who weren't already
confused.  I think many of the users who were confused downloaded via
the torrents and likely never saw the fp.o/verify page at all anyway.

In the end, I think adding some comments directly to the *CHECKSUM
files will be much more useful (and is something Jesse has said is on
his list of rel-eng tasks -- a list I imagine is fairly long. ;).

I think something along the lines of:

Hash: SHA1

To verify the file(s) listed below, run:

    sha256sum -c Fedora-12-i686-Live-CHECKSUM'

See for more details.

5ad27455df004ee23fbc5a05dfa039a14e59956dccf4e767d493601e0bfa4001  Fedora-12-i686-Live.iso

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