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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Thu Nov 19 20:20:32 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 09:37 -0800, Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> Gene Czarcinski <gene at> writes:
> > Yes, "3.6.32-46" has made it to updates-testing.  I hope it moves to
> > updates sooner rather than later too.  A number of individuals are
> > discovering and reporting this problem ... I know because as a CC, I
> > get an email every time a new users is added to the CC list.
> Me too.  I'm wondering if we will make it to 100 before -46 hits the
> "updates" repo.  I decided not to wait and snag the policy from the
> testing repository.
>   yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update selinux-policy-targeted selinux-policy

You can help promote the update by giving feedback in Bodhi. This is one
of the responsibilities of the QA group and it'd be great if everyone
would test updates from updates-testing that are relevant to their usage
and provide feedback in Bodhi. You can go to and search for the name of the
updated package, and file your feedback there - it's best to log in with
the 'Log In' link at the bottom of the left-hand blue panel before doing
this. The direct link for the selinux-policy update in question is . Thanks!

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