New BugZapper Introduction

Kim Fredrik Bråthen Olsen kimfolsen80 at
Thu Nov 19 22:02:10 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to join the bugzappers/triage team. I have some fedora experience,
but that was a while ago (fedora 6-8). Been jumping between distros
for a while, before
settling at fedora again with the release of 12. Since I have little
experience with
this kind of work, I might need a bit of help pointing me in the right
direction to get

I wish to help out with the development of fedora because it is the
distro I like the most
and I also wish to learn more about it (and get involved). I have a
bachelor in computer science, and also enjoy tinkering with computers
and gadgets on my spare time.

My irc nick is kimf and I will probably hang out a bit there.
But if I'm not there I can be reached on this email address.

Kim Olsen

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