kstartupconfig4 error

Jim Bevier jim at jbsys.com
Sat Nov 21 16:25:58 UTC 2009

I did an i386 upgrade from F11 -> F12 on two different systems using the install 
DVD.  They both use gnome and kde desktops.  After the upgrade, I try to log in 
using kde and I get the error: "kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails.  The 
error code is 127.  Check your installation".  After some searching, I found 
this same error was present in F10->F11 upgrade.  It seems during the upgrade, 
libssl.so.8 and libcrypto.so.8 links are removed and kstartupconfig4 can no 
longer start.  In /usr/lib I did "ln -s libssl.so libssl.so.8" and "ln -s 
libcrypto.so libcrypto.so.8".  This then allowed kstartupconfig4 to run and kde 
worked again.  I did not see any mention of this problem on the rawhide list 
during beta & RC testing, so I guess nobody did this type of upgrade.  Hope this 
helps someone.


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