Firefox freeze

stan gryt2 at
Sat Nov 21 17:33:44 UTC 2009

On Sat, 21 Nov 2009 08:15:30 -0700
Lawrence E Graves <lgraves at> wrote:

> I have been noticing that firefox will freeze my screen periodically
> and I have to reboot to free.  Is there a fix for this problem?  If
> there is I haven't notice.

I (and others) had this problem on F11, and nothing seemed to work to
fix it (you should be able to find it by searching the archives).
Finally, I ended up compiling a custom kernel using the instructions at

I eliminate all unnecessary functionality, and tune for my hardware.  I
think the main things that fixed the problem were eliminating the lower
128K of memory from user space (what a kludge!), making the desktop
preemptable, and raising the tick frequency to 1000.  I eliminate a
lot of the kernel hacking stuff as well, which is pretty intrusive.  It
worked so well on F11 that I do it on F12 too.  Once the initial effort
is made, the same config file can be used in the future with minimal

I haven't had the problem since.  Drastic, but effective. 

On the other hand it could be like that old joke about the tigers.

A passerby in a city sees a man sprinkling flour in intricate patterns
around his house.  He asks him what he is doing.  The flour sprinkler
says, "I'm putting in place tiger repellant."  The passerby says,
"There are no tigers around here!"  The flour sprinkler says,
"Effective, isn't it."

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