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> Subject: fc13 kernels
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> Date: Saturday, November 21, 2009, 6:04 PM
> Greetings:
> I am having sincere problems with the Fc13 kernels and I am
> not sure why?
> BTW, I have a 64bit system, so the kernels are also 64bit
> kernels.  On kernel-2.6.32-0.33, I was not able to even
> install this one...
> On kernels 2.6.32-0.48* and kerenl-2.6.32-0.51*, I can
> install them, and then booting is what the problem comes
> in.  It gives me the three color chasing bar, and it
> completes its cycle just fine.  It then flips to a black
> screen with a flashing underline and nothing else.  I was
> wondering if it just needed some time to time out some bugs,
> but nothing more than the black screen...
> I know that my system is not hard locked up because I can
> press [Ctrl-Alt-Del], and it goes into reboot mode and shows
> everything that it is shutting down....
> Has anyone else had these same or similar problems as I
> have?
Sure!  I hear you, I just did not want to post what you are posting now :(

I have to revert back to fc12 kernel to see a working screen :(, even at that, kde is not working correctly I click on konqueror nothing happens, I click on firefox nothing happens.  Sometimes I have to login as root to even get a screen :(.  It takes a bit of time to get things straightened out :)   
> My installation history is:
> 1) install from FC12-Beta-x86_64 iso cdrom.  Updated to
> current FC12, then updated to rawhide.  I tried installing
> hwccac? that was mentioned before, and I can't seem to
> find the package anywhere. 
That is a typo :(

the proper name is hmaccalc :) Thanks Clyde and others for pointing out! 

# yum install hmaccalc
should do the trick.  

> I am using an Asus AMD K8 64-bit system.  If it makes a
> difference....

Nope, same behavior I have two x86_64 machines and two i686 machines with same behavior :(  

> Sincerely yours,
> Rob G. Healey
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