Something much slower after upgrading to F13 Rawhide?

Tom London selinux at
Mon Nov 23 15:57:49 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 7:45 AM, Jonathan Kamens
<jik at> wrote:
> A couple of days ago, I upgraded my system to F13 Rawhide.  Since then, a
> little flash game my kids got me addicted to ("Aliens Must
> Die") is running much more slowly.  It's a shoot-em-up game with lots of
> moving objects, and the system just doesn't seem to be able to keep up with
> animating them nearly as well as it could before the upgrade.
> Is it possible that this is only because the Rawhide kernel has debugging
> enabled?  Or is this a real performance degradation?  If the latter, I've
> got no idea how to track down the exact cause of the performance degradation
> or how to report it in BZ.  I also, unfortunately, don't have a lot of time
> to pursue it.  Any suggestions for useful things I can do?
> BTW, I have a Unichrome S3 video adaptor and a ViewSonic LCD monitor.
>   Jik

Seeing anything in /var/log/messages?

I have Intel graphics, but I'm seeing constant spew of "DMAR write
errors" with kernel-2.6.32-0.51.rc7.git2.fc13.x86_64 that seem to make
the system choppy and slow.  I've BZ'ed my issue here:

Tom London

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