increasing grub timeout?

Scott Robbins scottro at
Tue Nov 24 02:28:19 UTC 2009

As usual with a new release, there are newcomers on the forums who can
often have their problems solved by adding something to the kernel line.  

(Of course, it's not only newcomers, but...)

I'm wondering if it's worth considering increasing grub's default
timeout to 3 seconds or so.  As it stands, one has to hover over the
escape key, trying to time it correctly.  (Or, if they're as lazy as I
am, before rebooting, go to another terminal and edit the mounted

I don't feel strongly enough about it to wade through bugzilla, and most
certainly do NOT want to cause a controversial bikeshed thread, but I
wonder--do people generally feel it's worth considering, or just a waste
of time. 

The motive is that until we have a perfect world, when all computers
will boot perfectly the first time after an installation, it would make
it a bit easier to edit the kernel line if necessary.

I really don't see a good reason not to have it.  I know that Windows
refugees like quick boots, but don't see 3 seconds making that big a

(Dinosaur that I am, I've always thought that there is too much emphasis
on quick boots with pretty splash screens, but that's just the old vs.
the new and all that rot.)

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