Johns thoughts on F13

John Summerfield debian at
Wed Nov 25 01:22:08 UTC 2009

John Summerfield wrote:
> I hadn't planned on using F13, but I decided it would be handy to have a 
> (virtual) server with recent PHP etc, and being somewhat familiar with 
> RHL and its successors, I chose Fedora 12.
> I'm installing into a VM running in Virtual PC under Windows XP.

There was another problem too...

When Anaconda had finished installing, it appeared to hang at installing 
one of the selinux packages (100% complete) and never proceeded to 
rebooting or whatever follows.

Oh, the screen displayed as black on black. However, I could see what 
was there with a screen shot (taking it made the display work for or so 
little time) and then pasting it into Paint.

On resetting the machine, all seemed fine.

However, all my problems with F12 have been resolved by installing 
Debian Squeeze instead.



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