Interviewees for the interaction design personas segment?

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Nov 25 04:21:01 UTC 2009

Hullo! I was recruited to do user research stakeholder interviews, and 
got assigned to the QA team:

Would anyone from the team (can be 1 person or multiple people at the 
same time) be willing to answer some questions over IRC? I was thinking 
of Monday right after the QA meeting (I'm assuming that'd be around 1700 
UTC, since the meeting's at 1600?) in the #fedora-qa channel. It should 
take no longer than an hour. For information on the kind of thing we're 
doing, see the examples of other teams' interviews at

These are the questions we'll be going through:

# How well do you think Fedora accomplishes its stated goals in light of 
your role in the project?
# How is Fedora not meeting those goals?
# What questions do you have about Fedora's target audience that you'd 
like to see answers so that your team can help get Fedora closer to its 

I'll pop into the channel around meeting time next week to see who I can 


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