increasing grub timeout?

Rick Stevens ricks at
Wed Nov 25 18:13:09 UTC 2009

On 11/24/2009 04:18 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2009/11/24 08:04 (GMT+0800) John Summerfield composed:
>> In contrast, with short delays on some systems the screen hasn't even
>> settled down from the graphics card being reinitialised and the grub
>> display's not even visible.
> +10
> I have a number of systems like this. Even setting POST type to normal/long
> isn't necessarily long enough for video to initialize prior to a Grub menu
> appearance.
> The concept of least surprise here points to longest possible Grub menu
> delay. Those in a hurry can hit enter to speed the process at any time
> without risk of surprise. When others need to do something other than hit
> enter, they need more time to decide what and when.

Whoa!  I recognize that we're all nerds here (or we wouldn't be running
cutting-edge versions of Linux in the first place), but everything I've
heard in this thread bring up exceptions rather than rules.

Fedora 12 seems to "just work" for a hell of a lot of the people who've
tried it and the boot sequence is just fine for them.  It's those of us
who do something "a little different" or are having issues that are
complaining.  To tweak Fedora in order to create a product that speaks
to the, what, 5% of users with issues or doing oddball things is sorta
silly, and the users with problems have resources (such as this very
list) to help them adjust things like grub, the kernel parameters and
such to get a working sytstem.

If there's an non-techie type trying to run Fedora, s/he is bound to
have problems.  It is the bleeding edge, after all, and anyone running
Fedora should consider themselves, by definition, as a guinea pig.

Face it, at the best of times Fedora is really what the rest of the
world would call a "beta".  At some point, when we've all bled
adequately, chewed enough fingernails and torn out sufficient amounts
of hair, it becomes the basis for a "stable" release of RHEL (isn't
RHEL 5 based on the work we did on Fedora 6?).  If you're not willing
to suffer these problems, you should run something stable like CentOS.

Ok, I'm butting out of this thread.
Rick Stevens
"Death is nature's way of dropping carrier"

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