Fedora 12 QA retrospective - feedback needed

Jim Haynes jhhaynes at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 25 21:37:34 UTC 2009

I want to thank everyone involved for the help received and for doing such
a good job on F12.  I've installed F12 on 3 machines so far, and it has
gone easily and I haven't had to go back to F11 for anything so far.

Specific points:

I've been assuming there was a problem using SATA disks, with them not
showing up in Anaconda, until someone told me about the dregs of a
dmraid array on disk causing Anaconda not to show it, and using the
nodmraid boot option to get around it.  I never would have guessed...

I've learned it is necessary to install foomatic-db to have my particular
printer show up in system->administration->printing

I've learned it is necessary to install control-center-extra to get

I've learned that checking dialup networking support at software
customization time fails to install kudzu, which is necessary for
system->administration->network to creat a dialup connection.
Believe somebody is working on this to either make kudzu unnecessary
or to have it installed when dialup networking support is checked.

I had the problem setting display resolution, but I had already been
through that in F11 and had developed an xorg.conf that I could carry
over and make it work.  I don't know if this means something is broken
in X so it can't read the information from the monitor, or if something
is broken in the monitor or in the display hardware.
system->preferences->display says the monitor is unknown.

And those are the only real problems I had.  My gripe about unasked for
language support seems to have stirred up a hornet's nest - well
at least you have my thanks for giving it your attention.

Over all this is the easiest Fedora version upgrade I have ever done;
and when I did have problems I got quick and correct answers from this
list that I was not getting anywhere else.  (Maybe that suggests we
should have a current-version-install ombudsman list, where anybody can
present questions but only authoritative people can give answers.)


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