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Robert L Cochran cochranb at
Thu Nov 26 04:56:35 UTC 2009

On 11/25/2009 11:40 PM, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> On 11/23/2009 09:44 PM, Robert L Cochran wrote:
>> Does the Fedora Project have a wiki page explaining how to migrate a 
>> mediawiki wiki on one server to another server, and perhaps from one 
>> release of Fedora to a newer release? I just migrated my own personal 
>> wiki from my Fedora 11 machine (mediawiki-1.15.1-50) to Fedora 12 
>> (mediawiki-1.15.1-51), and I would like to post my experiences with 
>> this so they can benefit some other person.
>> I'm familiar with the pages for moving a wiki, but they 
>> miss some essential steps. And there are some Fedora-specific steps 
>> that could be documented as well.
> Something like that would be extremely simple. Heck, I've even moved a 
> Mediawiki from MySQL to PostgreSQL. The Fedora package does not add 
> any extra errata versus a vanilla Mediawiki.
> (I'll assume you use MySQL)
> 1. mysqldump -h localhost -u root -p wikidb > wikidb.sql
> 2. SFTP wikidb.sql and /usr/share/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php to new 
> server.
> 3. mysql -h localhost -u root -p < wikidb.sql
> 4. Copy LocalSettings.php to /usr/share/mediawiki
> Done.

With respect. it is not quite simple at all. You missed a few things 
above such as restoring symlinks. LocalSettings.php doesn't go in 
/usr/share/mediawiki, although a copy is there. It is actually in the 
web server's wiki directory. You also need to copy the entire web server 
directory for the wiki because that is where things like images are 
stored, again not in /usr/share/mediawiki. (You don't really want users 
having access to /usr. Our implementation of Wordpress does that in 
Fedora 11.)

For a lot of people a detailed how-to guide is extremely valuable.


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