vnc server

glenn gsimpson at
Fri Nov 27 20:06:33 UTC 2009

I have been using VNC via a Fedora 4 server system.  Works great.

Now I wish to do the same for a Fedora 12 or Rawhide.  On the Fedpra 4, 
I use display 2, and would like to use display 3 on the Fedora 12 
system.  While I have TigerVNC on the later versions, that is a VNC 
viewer and I want to set up a VNC server.  It was simple in Fedora 4, 
just  "vncserver :3" where "3" is the desired display number.

I do not find vncserver on any of the later releases of Fedora (post 
Fedora 4).  Help.

Glenn Simpson VE3DSP
Hamilton, Ont

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