New BugZapper Introduction

Juan Pablo Daza tcpip4000 at
Sat Nov 28 22:31:28 UTC 2009

Hi, my name is Juan Pablo (JP), 

I've used linux since 1997 and have followed closely the fedora evolution from that time. All began playing with the kernel introducing RT behaviour (from rtlinux set of patches on RH 6.2) and breaking things while studying electrical engineering.  

I was worried on the internals of the OS so decided to use another point of view and installed Slackware and Gentoo to learn the internals of the operating system and the building process.

Has been a while and now I decided to help this community to be greater than it is now, so I've already reported some bugs and helped the qbittorent process to release version 2.0.0 using F12 as a testing point:

Well, that's a bit of myself, I wish you all the best.

Juan P. Daza P.
linux user: 431181


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